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          7月8日讲座——美国密歇根大学L. Jay Guo教授:Ultrasound detection and imaging using Microring Resonators and Laser Generated Focused Ultrasound

          作者:  编辑:院研究生办   发布日期: 2019-06-26   来源:院国交办  

          讲座题目: Ultrasound detection and imaging using Microring Resonators and Laser Generated Focused Ultrasound

          人:L.Jay Guo教授

          讲座时间:201978日上午9: 30






          Optical detection of ultrasound is an emerging technique based on the interaction of strain field and optical field, modulating the optical properties of the resonance cavity for sensitive detection. Such a detection scheme can have several unique advantages, such as broadband response and size-independent sensitivity, compared with conventional piezoelectric transducers. Detector’s high sensitivity is essential for deep penetration depth, especially for high-resolution imaging because of the strong attenuation of high-frequency ultrasound. Besides, small element size has the advantage of realizing wide acceptance angle of ultrasound detection. I will describe highly sensitive and broad band detection of ultrasound by polymer photonic microring resonators, and demonstrate its application for high resolution photoacoustic tomography and photoacoustic microscopy. Similar principle can be applied to THz detection, where the microring can “listen to” the sound wave generated by the nano-material absorbing the THz energy. I will also present thin-film optical transmitters to generate and focus the ultrasound, targeting high-amplitude focused ultrasound for imaging and therapeutic applications. The optoacoustic sources are made of carbon-nanotubes (CNTs) and elastomeric polymers. This approach offers an “invisible scalpel” for non-thermal disruption to cells and tissues; as well as a new way of nozzle-free jet printing of functional materials.


          L. Jay Guo教授,1999年在密歇根大学开始其学术生涯,自2011年起担任密歇根大学电气工程和计算机科学的教授职位,并从事应用物理,机械工程,大分子科学与工程等研究工作。在Nature Photnics, Nature Communications, Physical Review letters, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Nano Letters等期刊上发表论文240余篇,引用次数超过28000次,并被众多媒体报道,美国专利20多项。他曾获得密歇根大学工程学院颁发的卓越研究奖和电子工程系杰出成就奖。曾在任职于许多与纳米技术和光子学相关的国际会议委员会工作。他的课题组的研究主要包括基于聚合物的光子器件和传感器应用,有机和混合光伏,等离子体纳米光子学,基于纳米压印和卷对卷纳米制造技术等。